SoluForce® is the creator of flexible composite pipe (FCP, also known as reinforced thermoplastic pipe or RTP) and remains a technological leader in the research, development, manufacture, supply and installation of this type of pipe.
SoluForce pipes are completely flexible, which means they can go around bends, up hills, down slopes, across ravines, under water and over many other obstacles with ease. Being non-metallic, they are also fully corrosion resistant and can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, the solutions include a corrosion-resistant connector system that makes it easy to connect our piping systems to existing infrastructure.

SoluForce Flexible Composite Piping (FCP) solutions are comprehensive yet affordable.
For example, you can buy only pipes and fittings or complement your purchase with a range of services and support. These include the sale and rental of installation equipment and the training of local or international personnel in the use of the SoluForce system. You'll have everything you need to install pipe faster and with less labor without sacrificing safety. At SoluForce we can help you with project management and help you find the right people to carry it forward.
Or a combination of the above.


• True non-metallic reinforced multilayer piping system
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly
• Excellent behavior in applications with cyclic services.
• Easy installation and construction.
A complete QA/QC for joining processes.
• Manufactured and marked under ISO9001 standard
• The acquisition cost is considerably lower al of steel pipes
• Disposable wooden spools provide savings of costs
by not adding return transportation, deposits,

expenses for late return or expensive leasing programs
for the purchase of metal spools.
• Produced with anticorrosive materials that are

weather resistant, impermeable to water, hydrocarbons,
H2S and CO2 in any concentration.
Therefore eliminating the costs of corrosion inhibitors
or expensive cathodic protection systems.
• High chemical resistance in highly acidic environments

and supporting without problem:
o H2S and CO2 in any concentration
o Strong inorganic acids such as HCL, H2SO4
o Strong alkaline materials NaOH, KOH, Solutions with NH2
o Anticorrosive additives or mineral salts
• The braided polyester (PET) reinforcement structure

provides the highest mechanical stability
of all reinforcement materials.
• The internal diameter (ID) expands 7.5%

at the maximum operating pressure, MAOP,
due to the elasticity of the polyester fibers.

• Non-metallic connectors and couplings used with SoluForce Light, Classic and Heavy systems are based on electrofusion.
• Electrofusion welding of the connector
gives it strength and durability.
• When using a non-metallic accessory,
the fluid never comes into contact with metal parts,
resulting in a piping system totally non-metallic.
• With electrofusion, little equipment and labor required
to create a secure connection.
• This technique has been shown toit is
fast, durable and requires no maintenance.

Because the transported water never comes into contact with metal parts, SoluForce offers the ideal answer for high pressure water transport. The connectors and inner polyethylene liner are metal-free, so they won't corrode and maintain their integrity over the long term.
A water transport solution that you can install once and forget about forever.



• Built between its liner and reinforcement with aluminum sheets which waterproof the pipe maintaining its integrity

avoiding the permeation of gases to the outside.
• Pipes for high temperature (HT)

with continuous operating temperatures at 80 °C,
being able to raise if necessary in short steps at 105 °C
given to hot fluids.
• High pressure
• In the case of transporting water it can go up

to almost continuous 5000 PSI.