The demand for Permanent or Memory Downhole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS), Cased Hole Logging Tools and TCP Equipment has increased over the past two decades. These systems, along with other intelligent real-time field technologies, provide data that is crucial to production engineers with reservoir modeling and production strategies.

At JAH Services & Logistics, we offer you custom designed and specialized downhole monitoring solutions that will fit your purpose and requirement, whether simple or complicated and including the most hostile well conditions.
We provide and install (if needed) at the bottom of your well data measurement systems in real time or memory that will be a complete vision of what you cannot see today.

We use and draw on our technical expertise to help identify our clients' needs and provide fast, effective and reliable solutions when time is of the essence.
We provide superior manufacturing, design technologies, and industry-leading logistics support. We understand and strive to ensure that our products and services are available to our valued customers around the world.