Downhole permanent measurement technology is a common component of conventional well add-ons.
Our system consists of one or more downhole sensors used to measure, record and transmit pressure and temperature data to determine reservoir performance.
A conventional system includes a quartz pressure sensor externally mounted to a port in the pipe wall, to measure pipe pressure and annulus temperature.
A Tube Encapsulated Conductor (TEC) is attached to the sensor from the surface, clamped to the pipe and through it feeds the sensor and transmits data to the surface.
A surface acquisition unit capable of receiving, storing and forwarding the acquired data completes the system.
The conventional technology sensor carrier has a connection through the tube wall to the outside mounted sensor and with an additional hydraulic connection connecting the sensor to the TEC from the surface.
Patented Side Pocket Surface Scanning (SPSROTM) replaces the conventional carrier system and offers several unique advantages.

 Downhole instrumentation can be retrieved by wireline. Minimizes the cost associated with recalibration or sensor replacement.
 The sensor is immersed in the produced fluid and can measure tube pressure and temperature from its position in an offset side pocket.
 A double testable metal-to-metal seal is used to connect the TEC to the inductive coupler.
 Inductive coupler removable U-block has Metal to Metal testable through the pipe wall
 Inductive coupler is used to power the meter and provide
bi-directional digital communications.

The inductive coupler has no exposed electrodes or elastomers and is insensitive to well fluids.
 The Surface Data Acquisition Unit is capable of acquiring data from multiple gauges on a single TEC.
 Sampling frequency controlled from the surface.
 2 Gb of memory for data storage.  Optionally powered by solar or wind energy.

Spartek Systems' permanent sapphire sensor uses proprietary piezoresistive technology to digitize pressure and temperature data downhole and then transmit to surface using a high-speed digital telemetry link. Coupled with a corrosion-resistant welded alloy design (depending on material selection) and redundant pressure-tight metal-to-metal cable head, the permanent sapphire pressure sensor is ideal for quality, reliable data at a glance. long term.
The sensors are attached to the carrier using a metal-to-metal seal connection pressure test AUTOCLAVE. The TEC cable connects to the meter using an option of "Cable heads" - sweet or sour, 1/4" or 1/8" - and a pressure testable cable head is also available when using 1/4” TEC cable.
• Can be configured and implemented as a single, double "side by side" or multiple.
• Permanent monitoring system of “Multi-Drop” sensors.
• 100% testable welded argon filled sensor with redundant metal-to-metal seal on cable head.
• Corrosion resistance H2S and CO2 (with material selection 718 Inconnel)
• Capable of annular or tube measurements
• Up to 16 gauges can be installed on a single TEC conductor (<6000m)
- Operating temperature range 25°C to 100°C (77°F to 212°F) Maximum temperature 125°C (257°F)
- Temperature accuracy +/- 1 ° C
- Temperature resolution 0.005 ° C
- Pressure range 750, 1500, 3k, 6k, 10k, 15k
- Accuracy 0.030% of scale full
- Resolution 0.0003% scan. complete
- Drift 0.030% psi of esc. complete per year
- Offset Length (1/4 "TEC) 16.8"
- Offset Length (1/8" TEC) 19.6" (including cable head)
- Material 17-4 PH sweet or 718 acid
- Configuration TEC 0.125 "or 0.25" TEC Diameter 0.75 "

Spartek Systems' Sapphire Muti-Drop system can be configured for up to 16 sensors on a single TEC (cable), allowing coverage of complex multi-zone wells, with additional capacity to allow the addition of backup gauges for system redundancy.
Spartek Systems' Quartz PDHG system provides the highest accuracy and resolution of temperature and pressure measurements up to 180°C and 20,000psi.
Spartek Systems' permanent quartz sensor uses a high-resolution digital quartz pressure transducer along with proprietary hybrid technology to digitize pressure and temperature data downhole and then transmit to surface using a high-speed digital link. of telemetry. Coupled with a fully welded corrosion resistant alloy (based on material selection) design and redundant pressure test metal-to-metal cable head, the permanent quartz pressure sensor is ideal for long-term data quality and reliability. term.
All accessories required for a complete system installation are available: this includes a range of potted and casing cable, cable clamps, wellhead outlets, gauge mandrels, armored surface cables and TEC connectors and splices as required.
The Surface Acquisition Unit (SAU) provides power and acts as a memory for the permanent downhole sensors as well as providing communications as the backbone for SCADA or real-time transmission. The SAU connects to the downhole sensors via the encapsulated and cased cable (TEC) and the wellhead outlet (OMS).
The SAU can be powered by platform power, power sources, wind or solar turbine type power supply. The SAU can also be used to program and interrogate downhole sensors. The "full body" sensor chuck features an internal port design that allows individual sensors to be attached to the annulus or tubing as desired; materials rated for any H2S or normal downhole environment and a rated burst/collapse pressure that equals or exceeds that of the tubing string.

Single sensor, dual sensor and by-pass sensor mandrels are available in 4130 L80 or Cr13 L80, with Vam Top or EUE threads.
The sensors are connected to the carrier via a metal-to-metal seal pressure testable AUTOCLAVE.
The TEC cable connects to the sensor via a choice of “cable heads” – Sweet or H2S, 1/4” or 1/8” – plus a range of pressure testable cable heads are available when using a TEC cable. of 1/4”.

1) Specified accuracy is based on a typical calibration range of 25°C to 150°C, Quartz PDHG can be calibrated to customer requirements up to 180°C.
2) Electronic aging accelerates with temperature, which reduces the mean time to failure (MTTF).
Estimated MTTF is 6 years at 150°C Specifications are subject to change without notice

The Surface Acquisition Unit (SAU) provides power and acts as a memory for downhole sensors in permanent completions, as well as providing the communications center for SCADA or real-time transmission.
The SAU links downhole tools through the TEC and OMS. The SAU can be powered using platform power, solar power or wind turbine type supplies.
The SS6627SF SAU uses an integrated fanless industrial PC and comes complete with a PDG line card.
An additional card can be added to allow two wells to be served by a single SAU. The SAU can also be used to program and interrogate downhole SPSRO gauges.
The SS6627 Surface Acquisition Unit is specifically designed for use with the SPSRO Permanently Retrievable System and includes 2 GB memory for data storage in remote locations where it may not be possible to connect to operator information systems.
The unit is available in AC and DC power types, the latter being suitable for use with solar power systems.
The SS6627SF is capable of operating two SPSRO mandrels from a single unit using a single TEC cable. With the addition of a second line card, it can also support two separate wells. For more complex installations requiring more than two SPSRO mandrels on a single TEC, for dual completion installations with two SPSRO mandrels each with their own TEC to surface, or for installations where multiple wells feed a single surface system, a SAU can manufactured to meet your specific requirements on a special order basis.
The SAU can be assembled for Atex Zone I and II environments

• Long-term monitoring of production and reservoirs.
• Well stimulations
• Chemical treatments

• Operating temperature: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
• Power: 24 VDC, 15 watts or 110-240 VAC (50-60 Hz)
• Output: Ethernet port integrated MODBUS TCP and RTU // FTP server // USB-A port // Configurable port display RS485-RS232 (optional)
• Enclosure: NEMA 4-4X-12 / IP-65 // CSA Class 1, Div 2 (optional)
• Driver Software: Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 // Spar-SAU G2
• Input: Spartek SPSRO sensor system
• Memory: Flash USB SSD (OS and data) 64 GB // Micro SD card
• Monitor: PC with 7" (17.8 cm) TFT touch screen.
• Dimensions (width x height x depth): 16" x 20" x 10" (16" x 20" x 10")
• Weight: 51 pounds (23.13 kg)
• Desert Ready: YES
• Environment Relative Humidity: 0-95%