In the current context of the oil and mining industries, where the main watchword is cost containment, which is being faced by the main companies in the world, through adjustments in contracts with suppliers and initiatives to improve production processes, an unsatisfied demand for specialized consulting services is generated, which can contribute to the creation of value , through a quality service.
Our services cover the entire project lifecycle, from early-stage exploration through development and operations.
Organizations interested in specialized consulting will be able to find our specialized services that consist of support for Design and Planning, Preparation of Work Plans, Audits and Due Diligence among the services detailed below:

1.Market Studies
2.Client Reports
3.Purchases and Subcontracting
4. Global Internationalization Plans
5. Lists of Clients and Distributors
6. Commissioning of Commercial Networks
7. Personnel Selection
8.Support for Commercial Procedures
9. Organization and Management of Fairs and Events
10. Communication Campaigns
11.  Advice Legal
12.Commercial and Productive Implementation
13. Translators and Support Personnel