We provide specialized services in the Oil & Gas fields and as well in Mining.
We provide effective solutions to various problems that may to be presented to the different departments within the organizations.
Differentiation with respect to our competition is achieved through specialization, the know-how of our management team and the internalization of an operational discipline that allows us to install a culture of execution of works in an efficient and timely manner,
the definition of high technical standards, the cultivation of stable labor relations and the permanent development of improvement initiatives for the clients themselves.

We have been working with and advising for more than 20 years a wide range of companies. Service, Exploration and Production Companies, Intermediate Pipeline Operators, Refineries, Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers and Services.a in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile.
Our experience as consultants allows us to cover all advisory services and serves as a basis to help our clients make good executive decisions, always taking into account the strategic, economic and operational consequences in relation to the oil, gas, coal, sands, metallic and non-metallic industrial minerals.